Repair or Replace

Many chips and cracks can be repaired saving you the cost of a new front windscreen. Our expert staff will advise you on the safest option for your vehicle.

Total Windscreens will always aim to fix your windscreen rather than replace it. You can rely on our expert advice for the best option for your damaged vehicle.

Laminated glass used in front windscreens resists shattering which gives us the opportunity to fix rather than replace in many instances.

Unfortunately damaged side windows and rear windscreens will always need to be replaced as they are made of toughened glass that shatters more easily.


As your safety always comes first we will repair only when the result will be safe for you and your family.

Our mobile repair team will bring your windscreen back to full structural strength so you can drive the vehicle immediately. A faint mark will be all that can be seen at the damaged spot.

Don’t leave that small crack or chip to grow into a problem. Get it fixed promptly and save on the cost of a new windscreen down the track.

  • expert mobile service
  • Fast response
  • On time on budget
  • Lifetime warranty on replacement
  • Hassle free insurance transactions
  • Sydney Melbourne

Total Windscreens gives you total confidence from start to finish.


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