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Windscreen Glass

When we replace your front windscreens we use only the best quality auto glass for your replacements on your vehicle. It’s tough and ready for all driving conditions and meets with all the necessary Australian Standards.

All auto glass is stronger than regular glass but there are two different types. Front windscreen glass is laminated. This means front windscreens are made of pieces of glass with a thin layer of vinyl. This is heated and pressed together in an oven.

As a result when the front windscreens are damaged it can shatter but will not break into pieces with sharp edges. Instead the pieces will stick to the vinyl and not fall to the ground. For this reason when the damage is light the glass stays in place allowing us to repair the chips or cracks.

Rear windscreen and side window auto glass is different. Made in one solid piece it’s not laminated with vinyl but is one solid piece that is heated and cooled quickly which makes it tough. It will shatter though – that’s why in most cases auto glass other than the front windscreen needs replacement.

  • expert mobile service
  • Fast response
  • On time on budget
  • Lifetime warranty on replacement
  • Hassle free insurance transactions
  • Sydney

Total Windscreens gives you total confidence from start to finish.

Quality Guaranteed

We can repair or replace any piece of auto glass on any make or model of vehicle and our workmanship comes with Lifetime Guarantee.

Another Happy Customer...
“Hi Guys, I am just letting you know that I really appreciate the professionalism displayed recently when two of our work vans had to have the windscreens replaced. We rang in the morning with our problem and within a few hours the vans was ready for work. Your team was very quick and professional. Thanks again.”

Mimi de Rooy 


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