Crack Repair

It’s faster and cheaper to repair a crack than to replace the entire windscreen. In most cases it only takes 30 minutes and is about a third of the cost.

Today’s laminated front windscreens can withstand most chips and rarely shatter with small impacts. Although the windscreen stays in one piece the crack needs to be fixed promptly or it will spread and may become unsafe.

Cracks in the windscreen aren’t all the same, however, and it’s important to get the right advice and expertise to make sure it’s fixed right the first time. If the repair fails you will be up for the repairs and the cost of a new windscreen. It’s quite tricky to fix a crack, first time. A special resin must be injected by hand with steady even pressure to make sure the integrity of the fix is even.

Experience Counts

It goes without saying this takes a bit of practice to get it right. There’s no second chance.

And not every windscreen crack is the same. Some are small but have a tail and therefore it impossible to fix. Others are located within the driver’s field of vision so the windscreen would need to be replaced under RTA recommendations. Still others may seem small but require a very steady hand to make sure the damage doesn’t spread and worsen later on.

This means it’s essential to deal with auto glass specialists who know what they are doing. Our team of experts can repair any windscreen on any vehicle or they will tell you frankly that they only safe option is replacement.

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